My heart

He captures my attention. In a room full of naked gorgeous men, my eyes would fixate on him, my perfect, yet, very bad boy.

He has this way of luring me in, his body unknowingly signals, seduces and beckons me closer. Our sexual chemistry is undeniable and it’s pull so strong, like if I don’t have him and his cum I will drown in desire, like lungs ache for air at the bottom of the ocean, I long for him to fill me.

Sometimes I feel sorry for myself that he has to wear clothes at all, if it were up to me he’d be naked and on his knees at all times, waiting to meet my every need, which we all know mostly would be my desire for his cum.

“Have you been a bad girl” when those words escape his mouth I want to slap him but instead I find that his question doesn’t go unanswered “Always” comes flying out of mine. I love and adore him and ONLY he is brave enough to ask me that, because as much as I own him, the closer you look, he knows, I know, and now you know, HE HAS A HOLD ON ME. He has my heart He is my heart.

Aching attraction

When I am in the mood I feel like a cheetah watching a gazelle…..depending on my wants….deciding if I want a challenge or if I want easy surrender. Now I just crave my perfect gazelle, he would be the one getting close and waving his tail in my face until I pounce and I’d LOVE to sink my teeth in that man.

I lay down on my bar, wearing only a short tight dress, my legs open and dangling off the end and send the text. I am a gift, so when I want to be opened “I have a present for you” is what I tell him and he knows that means you better hurry. As I lay there waiting for him I envision all the things I want to do to him and how many times he’s going to cum for me, but he is taking forever so by the time he arrives I have already begun to pleasure myself and for making me wait I tell him to watch and warn him not to cum or even think about touching himself. Masturbation in itself is fun but with an audience…..even better, especially when that audience is aching to please you so badly that they are jealous of an inanimate object. Watching him watch me so desperately gets me really hot so it’s time to add to his suffering…..I tell him to fuck me with my vibrator and of course it takes no persuasion at all, his pleasure is synonymous with my own. He rubs me a little bit, because he is selfish and wants to feel me even just for a moment before he slides it inside of me. He starts to fuck me with it slowly at first but he quickly gets overcome by desire as he gets a front row view of the vibrator disappearing inside of me over and over. I love the sounds he makes is anguish tinged with pleasure… fucking sexy. I cum and it is so intense i’m shaking,  he then asks permission to lick me clean and I grant it. Now for my favorite part….his gift to me. “Take your pants off and hurry up” I command “I want your cum and I am tired of waiting”. He complies and yanks them off as quickly as he can manage I am sure. I feel displeased with being made to wait so he does not get to be inside of me today, instead I tell him to stroke his cock for me and cum in my mouth and after all this watching and waiting he better have a mouthful of thankfulness to give me. I love watching his face as he is FINALLY permitted to release himself for me…..  I can tell he is getting so close, “Cum for me” I urge and try to hide the desperation in my voice and sure enough….he gives me every fucking drop, god I am so happy as I lick him clean. Yummy….my baby knows how to please his Mistress.

Selfishness and pleasure

I feel his lips on my thighs as the light first starts to kiss the room, there is no better way to start my morning than like this. I simply can’t help but smile as I try not to move, not to interrupt this act of adoration and affection, but his mouth on my body drives me wild, each kiss sending tingles and desire throughout my body…. my goosebumps must give me away because without even looking, as he keeps kissing, I can feel a mischievous smile spread across his face. I love that about him, how he makes the simple things unique. It’s not just what he is doing, when a man truly adores you you can feel it, it’s like a ceremony of worship, my body is his sacred place and I can feel it with every kiss, every gentle touch. I softly stroke his hair as he works his way up my body and when I finally open my eyes, there he is, squeezing and sucking on my breasts. His hands feel so good…and finally my selfishness overcomes me, I push him over and slide down his boxers so I can have him. I want his cum so badly that I decide to suck it out of him like a greedy bitch, as I put his cock in my mouth I am engulfed in a hunger for him that only his cum can satisfy. I love being in control and we both get  immense pleasure out of this act of selfishness, nothing quite can take the place of having a mouthful of my mans cock. It must be just as good for him as it is me because he’s groaning and making sounds I have never heard him make, I am filled with pure excitement, he must be about to cum for me! Sure enough he explodes in my mouth and I am filled with pure ecstasy, his love for me and his CUM…I dunno who it was better for Meine or I, but I will spend the rest of my life trying to figure it out.

Unquenchable desire

I take him by the hand and guide him through the crowded room until we reach the door, I can come back for my luggage, but right now I can NOT wait another minute. He is such a perfect gentlemen as always, but underneath, he will always be my bad boy waiting to be awoken, awoken by his Mistress. I want his naked body up against mine, so I feverishly start ripping off his clothes, every moment until I have him feels like drowning in a sea of pure unquenchable desire and i’m holding my breath. I CRAVE HIM…and every disgusting thing I want to do to him right now.  God…. it is so trashy to have sex in a car and there is nothing that makes me hotter, except for when you add him into the equation, my sexy sub naked in the backseat. My vagina is aching for him and the closer he gets to being naked the wetter i’m getting. I love seeing that wild desire in his eyes, he slides my dress up as I crawl into his lap and finally after waiting so long…I mount him and feel my desire take over me. I have waited too long for this. God he feels so fucking good…I almost can’t think, it feels so damn good. As I ride him I feel everything he is feeling in this moment, he drives me wild, the better it feels the faster and harder I ride his dick…god I have wanted him for so long….been forced to hold back and in this moment I don’t have to. We are both gasping as he finally cums inside of me and it just send me over the edge, I lose it, and cum all over him. I push him on his back and lick up every remnant of me…of us.. off his dick. My very bad boy! I have definitely missed him and his cum. He is sadly mistaken if he thinks I am done with him already…..he has A LOT of making it up to me to do.


The mistress within has been quiet a few days but once again I feel her pulling me back. It comes instinctively for me to be dominant, to put them in their place, like two lions fighting to be the alpha (except I don’t fight I simply show them their place). I find comfort in reminding people where they stand, I have been repressing a little, as I have been away on business and I can definitely see it seeping through into other areas of my life. You cannot hide who you are, when you mask it it is never really hidden. A man hit on me today and “Speak when spoken to.” aggressively slid out of my mouth, without a thought and I was horrified. This is going to be an interesting trip to say the least! I try to remind myself this is not the setting but I can definitely feel it building up, I have been extra bossy and sharp, even I can tell. Every time a man says something to me lately, I envision a lion baring his teeth to another lions neck to remind him, know your place. I have been feeling extra loving with Meine…I think it’s the fact that I am feening for him, It’s his neck I want my teeth on. I better find an outlet and fast before I just command the next submissive man I see to get on his knees…..